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Teie  espresso- ja kohvitäisautomaadil on integreeritud puhastusprogramm. NIVONA puhastustabletid on loodud spetsiaalselt selle programmi jaoks ja eraldavad mustuse nagu nt kohvirasva optimaalselt. Regulaarne puhastamine hoiab Teie aparaati ja tagab täiusliku aroomi.
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Spetsiaalne Saeco espressomasina katlakivieemaldi Espressomasinast katlakivi korrapärane eemaldamine on vajalik selleks, et hoida masin parimas korras. See spetsiaalne espressomasina katlakivieemaldi eemaldab katlakivi ja hoiab ära rooste tekke, kaitstes teie seadet ja pikendades selle tööiga.
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List of products by brand Schadler

To talk about Schadler brand in brief, it would be most appropriate to use expression – „German quality – reasonable price”. 

Schadler as a brand is young, comparing to large number of other brands, represented in global market. Group of German engineers, each of whom on that moment had vast experience in developing household electric appliances for leading corporations, founded brand in 2008.

Focus for Schadler is Quality! During development of each of products, engineers thoroughly studied experience of other producers. Their aim was to reveal both successful examples of production, when appliance is bringing satisfaction to its owners for decades.

Schadler brand introduction

If you describe the Schadler brand in a few words, the most appropriate definition would be "German quality at an accessible price".

The Schadler brand is young against the backdrop of many other companies on the world market. The company was founded in 2008 by a group of German engineers, each of whom at that time had extensive work experience in major German companies in home appliance processing.

The Schadler brand emphasizes quality! During the processing of each product, engineers learned from the experience of other manufacturers. Their goal was to explain the successful examples of production, when the device brings its owners for many decades.


The success of Schadler's strategy is threefold:

High quality of production;

Modern minimalist design;

Good and affordable price.


In terms of quality, the Schadler brand corresponds to the production of the world's leading manufacturers, but in terms of price it corresponds to the average value in the middle segment.

Schadler brand engineers determined that the quality of production depends on two things:

of production technologies;

of the human factor.


The research center Schadler TestLab was established to streamline production technologies and production. The main task of the center is to eliminate all deficiencies before putting each new product into production, be it a refrigerator or a television. For this purpose, the center is equipped with special imitative devices that allow the production to live its life for a short period of time.


Another factor besides technologists that affects the quality of production is the human factor. The Schadler brand has developed a quality control system from the beginning of production assembly to the final packaging. This means that, depending on the group of goods, the equipment goes through up to 12 levels of quality control.


The Schadler brand has its own line of designers. Each product is designed not only with engineers, but also with designers, whose task is to make not only beautiful, but also functional products.

Thanks to the work of the designers, Schadler products remain relevant for at least 10 years from the moment of their production. But thanks to the minimalist design, the technique fits perfectly with the interior of any room.


Schadler General Manager

Derich Roshamer

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